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fanmix: Lacuna

title: lacuna
subject: achilles/patroclus
warning: not really sure such an old story needs a warning but the entire plot is given away.
notes: technically from the Iliad but I'm a little more familiar with Madeline Miller's The Song Of Achilles so it draws a lot from that. They're the same story though so it doesn't really matter. For waywardmixes mythology round.

According to Greek mythology, Achilles was a hero, the greatest warrior, the son of a king and a sea nymph. Patroclus was a fellow warrior, his companion, painted as a cousin, brother, friend etc by various sources but let's be honest, it's the Greeks, they were banging. While Achilles was often cold, arrogant and a general all around asshole to pretty much everyone, he was tender and caring towards Patroclus and their relationship is a central point of the mythology surrounding the Trojan War.

During the War, Achilles had a giant fucking strop because he was actually an overgrown man child and decided he was going to throw all of his toys out of the bloody pram because someone was mean to him and stole his concubine. Because he was, you know, kind of an important person in the war, everything started to go to shit so Patroclus, being awesome and not nearly as appreciated as he should have been, took his place wearing Achilles' armour. Patroclus continued to be awesome except like always, the gods decided to be little shits (you can tell Achilles is related to them) and intervene and then Patroclus got killed. Achilles, yet again, has another fucking strop because he got his boyfriend killed like the dumbass he is but finally gets his act together and goes back to battle, if only so he can go fuck up the dude (Hector) who killed Patroclus. He got his concubine back too but it was a little too fucking late, thanks Agamemnon this is all your fault too. Fighting shit happened, Achilles killed Hector and then paraded his body around on the back of his chariot which was a little bit gross and a little bit mean and then everyone was offend because he wouldn't give the body back (honestly, everything could have been avoided if people just didn't take shit that wasn't theirs in the first place).

Eventually, Achilles gave back Hector's corpse but then the gods decided to be assholes again because Achilles had killed too many of their kids and TOTALLY CHEATED and Achilles got killed by Paris, who's arrow was guided by Apollo. THE END.

TL;DR: Everyone dies, Greeks are giant babies.

Childhood - Alexandre Desplat

Let's Get Lost - Beck
Touch me I'm golden and wild as the wind blows

Hero - Regina Spektor
I'm the hero of the story
Don't need to be saved

Wolf & I - Oh Land
And you are the wolf
And I am the moon
And in the endless sky we are but one
We are alive
In my dreams wolf and I

The Sea & The Rhythm - Iron & Wine
Your hands they move like waves over me
Beneath the moon, tonight, we're the sea

Tonight - Lykke Li
Watch my back so I make sure
you're right behind me as before

Blue Blood - Foals
You've got the blood on your hands, I know it's my own.
You came at me in the middle of the night to show me my soul.
Of all the people, I hoped it'd be you.

Tomorrow - Daughter
By tomorrow I'll be left in the darkness,
amongst your cold sheets.
and your shoes will be gone,
and your body warmth no longer beside me.

I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Jayme Dee
Love of mine some day you will die
But I'll be close behind
I'll follow you into the dark

The Execution Ballet - Trevor Morris

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