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Gen Kill Fic Rec List.

I mentioned possibly making this on twitter and, uh, basically pointblankdarcy made me :P Not by any means exhaustive because you know I'll have forgotten to bookmark stuff. I'll leave the post unlocked just in case anyone wants to share it for any reason?

♥ next to a link means I really, really, really loved it. Separated by pairing but in no other order than that. Alphabetical order is for wimps. Unholy amount of Brad/Nate in comparison to everything else. Where there's no summary, I've used the first sentence.

Now's The Only Time We Know by chemfishee
They’ve been playing house like this for the better part of a decade between grad school and England and promotions and deployments. Maybe one day they’ll do this for real.

Ceasefire by indyhat
Brad and his emotions have an understanding: he doesn't talk about, or think about, anything that might affect his combat effectiveness, and his emotions do whatever the fuck he tells them to.

The End of The Line by dancerev
So when he finally stepped out into the bright sunlight a week After and didn’t get eaten by mutant zombies or attacked by crazed cannibals, Nate was understandably confused.

Sixteen Days In September by tevere
When Peace Corps assigns Nate to East Timor, a tiny half-island in eastern Indonesia, he figures he'll have a lot of time to catch up on his reading. But the year is 1999, and the shock fall of military dictator Suharto is still reverberating throughout the country, triggering changes nobody ever thought possible. As East Timor moves inexorably towards freedom – or war – Nate is drawn into events that will define the future of the province forever.

Promissum by pointblankdarcy
Inspired by don't miss anything from home by pticha21.

The Night Is Always Darkest Before Dawn by looleebelle
Once a soldier, always a soldier.

Five Things That Never Happened to Nate Fick. by Dira Sudis
To the best of my knowledge Nate has never needed a hooker's help to solve a mystery, played pro hockey, taken Holy Orders, suffered a head injury and woken up in 1973, or survived the apocalypse. But I'm sure he'd be good at all of those things if the situation arose.

Après moi le deluge by Lake
"That," he says, "is how you know it was close." - Sebastian Junger, War

Static by nightanddaze
It starts on the first day of a war with broken radios.

An Endless Recovery by oxoniensis
There are some moments that he's never going to be able to write about. Most of them involve Brad.

Semper Fi by tevere
He already knows what he'd choose.

Unethical Behavior In The Workplace by fourfreedoms
Nate works for a company in research and development. He doesn't know how he sleeps at night.

Impulse Control by alethialia
The Great Revelation could have ended all their lives, immortality be damned.

I rode away from your station by imogenedisease
The third time they’re drunk and sloppy, and it barely warrants mentioning.

Something You Miss by fiddleyoumust
It starts like this. The day after Nate's paddle party Brad meets him for drinks in a bar down the street from Nate's apartment. Brad has one beer, a Red Stripe that's so cold the bottle is sweating before their waitress gets it on the table. Nate has two shots of Patron-- no lime, no salt.

5 Times Nate Fick Breaks the Rules of Ethics (But Not Rule 8.4d) by goshemily
After Iraq, after Nate leaves, he doesn’t hear from Brad for a long time.

Hey darlin, do you gamble? by whizzy
He takes a late afternoon dive a few miles off the coast, comes up to find a text from Nate's Google voice number. Orioles playing two in Atlanta starting Thursday, it reads. Bet for or against?

Don’t Lick Your Fingers When You Turn the Page by nightanddaze
A story about writing.

I am for my beloved by Luna
"Are you defacing my tattoo?" "You defaced my fern, seems only fair."

the echo of wind by oxoniensis
Brad's a low level telepath, but Nate happens to be one of those he picks up loud and clear.

Say One Thing, Mean Another by PJVilar
It just seemed like a slide into lazy Sunday night sex was inevitable. Then Person calls.

Procedures Of Intervention by penguinparity
The slide from “the LT and the Iceman” towards “Nate and Brad” is slow. Their identities are blurred by a hundred different small interactions that mean very little on their own, outside of a larger context. One thing is clear; some of it was Ray’s fault. We are assured of this.

And My Glory Shall Be Love by Lake
There is little that Agent Mike Wynn takes more seriously than the life of Vice President Nate Fick. When the number of death threats starts to climb, he calls in the one person he's sure he can trust, USMC Sgt. Brad Colbert, and assigns him the 24/7 task of being the Vice President's shadow.

Bone China and Razor Wire by mydocuments
Love is like dying.

Faith in Fast Cars by goshemily
This is a story about punk rock and road trips and California.

Feeling better since I've surrendered by noelia_g
College AU.

Let Me Be Your Gun by nightanddaze
Don't you know it's supposed to feel better for boys?

Modern Romance by nightanddaze
Brad goes back to Iraq, even though he’s in love.

Aftermath, USA by traveller
The morning of the assassination, Patti Jankowski got up, took a long shower and towel dried her hair before braiding it into two long ropes that hung over her shoulders. She put on jeans, a t-shirt that showed Mickey Mouse saluting the American Flag, a light tan windbreaker and her comfortable blue SAS sneakers. In her shoulder bag she put a Smith and Wesson .22 caliber revolver, and an umbrella. The forecast was for a 62% chance of rain.

the geometry of life: a story in two parts by oxoniensis
This is the story of two men. The one who stayed and the one who left.

The Promise of Monsters by green_postit
When Brad saw the commercial with the dragon and the knight and the hideous graphics, he knew that the Marines had to be the toughest motherfuckers alive if they could have a commercial that homosexual and not have any other branch of the military fuck them up like that smelly kid at recess.

(This is where this rec list turns into an ode to hackthis' amazing fic skills for a bit. Sorry? :P)
The Road Not Taken by hackthis
On a very shallow level, Nate's never seen a Marine that looks like a Viking god, but if they all look like this Colbert guy then he's joining up first thing in the morning.

Two Ships Passing In The Night by hackthis
He starts whispering in Brad's ear because Brad's lying on his arm and he can't move. At first it's just a suggestion to move, a hint that Nate has no circulation in his fingers and Brad's fucking heavy, so can he fucking rollover.

I Donated Myself To The Mexican Army by hackthis
They don't fuck, they're not gay, they're just making do, because that's something else Marines do.

You Will Be For Me and I Will Fight For You by hackthis
On a Thursday afternoon in early February, Brad Colbert gets arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Get Some by hackthis
Brad Colbert is bored.

Nate knows this because he can feel Brad staring at him from his desk one aisle over and two chairs back. On the other side of the classroom, Ray Person's making obscene hand signals in Nate's general direction, ostensibly to get Brad's attention.

After That by kaneko
After his Social Policy in Iraq class, Nate sometimes heads over to the river and runs himself into the ground.

Itch In Your Veins by romanticalgirl
Soldiers get strange.

Real by tevere
He's cracking open his life like a self-storage unit that hasn't seen the light of day in years.

How To Survive Accurate Mortar Fire by godofwine
He thinks: reality is quietly blowing his mind.

Noblesse Oblige by alethialia
This was not a normal day. This day existed to prove that hell was real and it came with musical accompaniment by On this day, Steve figured out how to get him out of the office and torment him at the same time by sending him to the godforsaken DNC where it was all 'we shall overcome,' oh-happy-day bullshit.

Plausible Deniability by alethialia
"You'll be glad to know Iraq is familiar—it's just as fucked as when we left. I found myself nostalgic for 2003 levels of fucked, so I thought I'd visit."

for the criticism of one (deterrence and provocation) by templemarker
In six years, they've had sex twenty-four times. Sometimes they had days; sometimes they had hours. Sometimes it was a stolen moment, a hard, bruising kiss the only promise they could make. It wasn't much.

Ansible, Ansible by __sine
He is a warrior, but this is not a war. It's a voyage with no visible end; the eight of them envoys from a home that no longer remembers them.

10 Items Or Less by hackthis
A Love Story in Bullets About Ray Person and Walt Hasser.

Meet Me In St. Louis by queeniegalore
Six months was a long time for a couple who had never even used the word 'couple' to describe what they were.

Ray Person's Big Gay Day by imogenedisease
It’s around when Ray wants to hold Walt’s hand like a goddamn teenage girl with stars in her eyes and wet panties that he starts to worry.

How Was I Supposed to Know (Baby One More Time) by solookup
DJ RayRay doesn't even get to decide his own music.

Built To Hold And Fit by addandsubtract
"Fuck, yo. Getting hit motherfucking hurts.” Stafford grins at Christeson in that wide, loose-jawed way that he has, pushing the rag back up his forehead. His helmet is discarded by his side, but they’re stopped for the moment, so it doesn’t really matter.

tear down the house that i grew up in (i'll never be the same again) by marycontraire
The kitchen is quiet, except for the demure hum of various appliances.

When Ray's cover is blown re: pet-name, he just hangs around the mouth of the nearest dark alley for a bit after the next Bravo 2 reunion, and then threatens Brad with MAD. Ray's honestly surprised the LT lets him get away with that shit.

Just Your Average Tuesday Beer and Bondage by kitsunejin
This is not how Nate was expecting his night to go.

Devil Wouldn't Have You by inlovewithnight
Ray is fucking lit.

The One Where Ray Person Time Travels by __sine
It was like having asthma, excluding the nudity, brushes with the law, and being chased by angry grandmothers with sticks for being an exhibitionist pervert. So maybe it wasn't like having asthma at all.

All of my bookmarks - all the fics I've read in like, the past year - are stored here. Multiple fandoms are covered and there's some form of organization. This includes fics that haven't been posted here.
I also keep links to rec lists and bookmarks.
Kind of almost a self-pimp here, but there have been some amazing Gen Kill mixes posted at my comm waywardmixes. I'm in a passionate love affair with amoama's The Diameter of the Bomb.
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