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Just in case!

A lot of people haven't added me on my new account (and that's okay! You don't have to!) but I don't want anyone to have missed my post and be wondering where I've gone so, just to be on the safe side:

I've moved to avstjarnor, I'll be posting entirely there from now on. I'm going to be making a major effort to be a decent LJ friend too because I know I've been completely abysmal recently ♥ If you'd like to know why I've moved, I addressed that in my (public) about me page.
{Teen Wolf} - Call 911


Okay so just to let you guys know, I'm moving LJ account. I'll still be keeping this one for communities and stuff but personal entries will absolutely 100% now be at avstjarnor (because I had to keep up the tradition of usernames I can't pronounce :3).

I'm at a point in my life rn where I feel like I need a blank slate with LJ accounts. This one's nearly four years old now, I'm at a completely different place and I need a space to reflect that. I'm not always 100% comfortable writing personal entries in this account and I want to get my comfort back. You are more than welcome to add my new account, but there'll be no hard feelings if you don't :)

So yes:
{Teen Wolf} - Call 911

Address Book

A D D R E S S  B O O K

Now I live somewhere postage is considerably more affordable, I kind of want to start sending letters/postcards/cards randomly. Surprise! letters/postcards. There's no obligation on your part to send anything back if you receive one but you're more than welcome to.

So yeah, if you're up for receiving random crap from me for no apparent reason, just fill out this form? I'll sticky this or something :)

Also not to sound mean but AMERICANS I REALLY NEED ALL OF YOUR ADDRESS and you guys are really guilty of randomly leaving out the state/country and then I have to guess ok maybe it seems obvious to you but I barely know where I live.

{Teen Wolf} - Call 911

Fanmix Challenge.

This is over on tumblr if that's easier for you, but I was asked to post it over here too so:

There’s not nearly enough love for fanmixes & I’ve been super uninspired lately so I came up with a challenge. Obviously, pick and choose as you want, I just hope you get inspired :D
  • Female Character
  • Male Character
  • OTP
  • Friendships & families
  • Inspired by… [a quote, one song in particular, a photo, a poem, whatever]
  • Heartbreak
  • Happiness
  • AU
  • Genre-specific [all pop, all instrumental, whatever]
  • Tropes
  • Non-fandom
  • Heroes & Villains
  • Pre-canon
  • A mixtape/playlist made by a character
{Teen Wolf} - Call 911

fanmix: Lacuna

title: lacuna
subject: achilles/patroclus
warning: not really sure such an old story needs a warning but the entire plot is given away.
notes: technically from the Iliad but I'm a little more familiar with Madeline Miller's The Song Of Achilles so it draws a lot from that. They're the same story though so it doesn't really matter. For waywardmixes mythology round.

Collapse )